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Are you looking at distinguishing yourself within your target market? Are you trying to find an image that will showcase exactly what and who you are? If you have answered yes to either of these, then allow us to create a results-driven campaign for you.

We are your Boutique Marketing Firm; we work closely with you to understand exactly what your needs are, what clients or customers you are wishing to get, then we create an action plan to achieve the targets you are looking for. In regards to Sales targets we create targeted campaigns where we research, attain contacts; arrange meetings and open doors for you. We will also create Sales Kits, PowerPoint presentations, Instructional Booklets and Promotional Materials. One of the things we often hear from our clients is what can you not do for us and we always respond “ask us!”

Advertising & Social Marketing: allow us to research and recommend the ideal Print, Television and Social Marketing that is the best fit for your Marketing Goals. Once selected will work with creative to create a campaign that draws the right attention. In regards to Social Marketing we will open and manage all your social marketing to increase your web footprint.

Networking & Tradeshows: through our research we can recommend clubs, memberships and the right tradeshows for you to get involved in, that will help you develop your business. With regards to Tradeshows, we can create a booth set up that will draw people to you, staffing and swag items.

We will make you shine!

We Specialize in:

  • Grand Openings, New Office and Ground Breaking Celebrations
  • All Corporate Functions (ie. Team Building, AGM, Conferences, Conventions, Product Launches, Mergers)
  • Tradeshows
  • Instructional Seminars
  • Press Releases
  • Press Kits
  • Publicity
  • Marketing Kits